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We are

A Common GOOD Project

We are a community resource that is committed to ending the cycle of digital abuse and cyber harassment that affects our Internet on a global scale.

As an organization, we are able to leverage our vast access to legal, financial, social and technological resources, to advocate for those whose stories are often overlooked, to promote an Internet that is safe, secure, and free of hate.


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Introducing Bēcon™
Creating Better Conversations Online

At A Common Good Project, we have taken a unique approach to combatting cyberbullying and online harassment, by creating state of the art technology that supports a kinder and more inclusive digital community. While we may not have control over the things that other people say or do, we believe that everyone should be able to decide what is appropriate conduct in their own digital and social channels.

Bēcon is an automated Artificial Intelligence tool that identifies and moderates content you don’t want to see, in real time. In it’s initial stages of development, Bēcon is both an open source repository of data, as well as a plugin for Chrome, that allows you to filter your feeds and remove unwanted experiences. By submitting your own occurrences or observations of offensive content and abusive behavior, you will also help Bēcon learn how to predictively personalize your own filtering choices, while helping to identify larger patterns in online harassment and cyberbullying to improve community guidelines and promote digital citizenship across our social networks. Be the first to train and experiment with Bēcon by choosing one or both of the options below.*

* Bēcon™ and additional ACGP Machine Learning Models are supported by SemantIQ Technologies, Inc.


The ACGP Fund

The right to free speech is a fundamental value. But no matter our conflicts, disagreements, or differences in opinions, our choice in words should never outweigh the basic rights of other human beings.

The ACGP Fund offers legal support for those who lack the resources to combat the suffering endured from both civil and criminal cyber harassment. Many victims who experience online harassment do not have the resources to respond to the abusive assaults they unfairly face. They are often out numbered or out funded by their perpetrators, and are repeatedly forced to tolerate these acts in the name of freedom of expression, in spite of the violations committed against them.

Working towards an appropriate balance between protecting anonymity and enforcing consequences for abusive behavior, not only helps those who are senselessly suffering from targeted harassment, but also everyone else who believes in a world where we all have equal and hate free access to public spaces. We urge everyone to submit their encounters with online abuse, digital harassment and all forms of cyberbullying, as our fund is used to provide both personal and community support to:

  • ☆ Improve legislation to better define the prosecutorial boundaries of digitally perpetrated hate speech
  • ☆ Help to establish better verbal portals for our most used digital platforms
  • ☆ Expand our educational and outreach programs to help develop new approaches to addressing cyberbullying



Our ambassador and volunteer program gives students around the world the opportunity to facilitate anti-bullying assemblies and initiatives in their schools and local communities. To learn more about our program, click the link below and write “I want to be an Ambassador” in the subject line.

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